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How good is your nutrition gut? Can you tell just by looking at a meal whether it is a significant source of protein, fat, or carbohydrates? Do you have a strong sense as to what makes for a healthy meal?

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You will be presented with pairs of photographs of meals. For each, we will ask you a nutrition-related question like this:

example of a question you will be asked in this test

Pay attention to the description below each image! It is often hard to see all the ingredients in the photograph. The descriptions will help you figure out what the main ingredients of the meal are.

Your job is to answer the questions as accurately as possible. For some of them (but not all), we will give you immediate feedback on your answer.

Question out of

Question goes here
(Assume equal portion sizes)

I am confident this is the right answer

Move the slider to indicate your answer

I am confident this is the right answer

Please refer to the meals by their descriptions, rather than locations (right/left) as those can change.

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Here are your results presented separately for each macronutrient:


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